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Welcome! I’m Tiffany. 

I am a follower of Jesus (You can read my testimony here).  A wife to the most amazing husband I could imagine.  I am a new mom to my miracle baby, Zion. I am driven and passionate to see change in this world and ready to see hearts set on fire for Jesus. 

I am a Recording Artist, a Christian Blogger, a Worshipper, an Entrepreneur, a Leader, a Writer, a Songwriter,  and a nature lover. 

Welcome to my online world. This is the place where I post vulnerable stories, share my life, my hope, and my struggles. This is where art and music connect with faith and hope. The place I give advice, share Biblical knowledge and inspiration. The place I create music to inspire you, make videos to encourage you and share a raw and real look of living a powerful Christian life. This blog and website is a place for you to live bold and unashamed in a conformed and confused world. 

One thing you will learn about me is I hate small talk. I have a lot to say and I like to dive in. Throughout this website, I talk about the tough stuff like my battle with a debilitating disease, losing hope, finding purpose, miracles and all the things that many people sugar coat or are not comfortable talking about. I wanted to create a place that people are comfortable working through things. Whether happy, exciting, hard or tragic. No filters, Facebook highlight reels or feeling like you are alone. 

This is a real, raw and vulnerable place for women to find support, hope and encouragement from a biblical perspective. 


If you love Jesus, love living for a purpose, love music, creativity, dreaming and reading and crave a place of depth, community hope and understanding, you are in the right place! 

I am not very active on social media and spend most of my time and energy on this website and writing to my community through emails. If you would like to join the community and receive regular inspirational emails and stories, just enter your name and email in the box below.  I look forward to getting to know you! 

If you are new to this site, here are some of my most popular blog entries for you to get started: 


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Listen to my “One Voice” Album Track by Track. You can get the album on iTunes here. 


“Dear Me: I’m Sorry” Spoken Word Video

“Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” Spoken Word Video

“An Open Letter to Pop Stars” Spoken Word Video

Bethel Music Cover: “Out Of Hiding” Live Performance 


If you are looking for my professional bio, keep scrolling, it’s all below. 🙂 

God Bless and Much Love Always, 



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Tiffany Parker is a Recording Artist, Writer, and Entrepreneur. With a Pop/Soul sound that’s been positively compared to artists like Britt Nicole and Tori Kelly—Tiffany’s driven to bridge the gap between Mainstream Pop and Christian Music by using music as a vehicle for love, truth, and hope to people all over the world.

Her songs have been heard and featured on networks such as TLC, A&E, VH1, MTV, Bravo, E!, Telemundo, Oxygen, ABC, as well as on Oprah Winfrey Network programs and with companies such as Logitech, and Intel. She was an official showcasing artist at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX in 2016, where she debuted her new album “One Voice”

The “One Voice” album was written and created by Tiffany with the help of international hit music producer Marcus “Bellringer” Bell (Timbaland, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Usher), Big Yellow Dog Music Songwriter and Music Producer, Alexi Von Guggenburg,  as well as Christian Music Producer and Artist, Brandon Bee (Stacie Orrico, Save the City Records).

Her songs are anthems for the ambitious-hearted with themes of positive change, overcoming obstacles, and the breakthroughs God has worked in her life, set to pop and soul musicality.

Tiffany is an active blogger and author of the soon to be released e-book “The Passionate Pursuit”, with a new autobiographical book in the works. She writes regularly on topics from her music to Christian living, to inspirational posts focusing on the vulnerable and sometimes tough topics of life, including her battle with a debilitating and chronic disease. 

Her mission is to use her gifts and passions as a vehicle to bring hope, inspiration and the love of Jesus into the hearts of people all over the world. 

Tiffany Parker is a gift to the world of music,” says Marcus ‘Bellringer’ Bell, an International Music Producer and Artist Development Expert. “A true “Warrior” whose weapons are her voice, writing, and passion in making a difference for people. I have had the pleasure of supporting her journey and I’m excited for the world to know such an inspiring talent. Get ready!”


Get to know me more and go behind the music + get my inspirational single “One Voice” FREE





  • I am an unapologetic Disney movie fanatic! My top 3 favorite Disney Princesses of all time are: Ariel, Pocahontas, and Belle. It would be a dream to be the voice of a future Disney Princess one day. ☺
  • Eating plants makes me happy. 
  • Three things I absolutely cannot live without are: my relationship with Jesus, my family, and my laptop!
  • I’m a major introvert, but I hear I’m in good company: Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Aubrey Hepburn were all introverts too! And there are plenty of introverts among today’s household names as well. Like Gandhi said, “in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” So it doesn’t matter if you’re quiet or loud; we all play a part in changing the world.
  • I love love love to read and I wish I had a library in my house. 
  • Nature is my happy place. I love to walk through the forest on brisk sunny mornings, swim in a waterfall, or just roam around the trees and rivers near my home. In fact, I don’t like major cities. They stress me out. 
  • I am a homebody. Being home eating dinner with my husband, watching movies and working on projects is a perfect evening for me. 
  • I am completely spastic in my music choices. I listen to everything from pop to hardcore hip hop to worship to country and everything in between. One of my favorites that you will hear every night at my house is jazz standards and french music. 🙂 The timeless classics. 
  • People who take the road less traveled and defy the odds in the name of pursuing their dreams inspire me.



Get to know me more and go behind the music + get my inspirational single “One Voice” FREE