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If you’re looking for an Inspirational Recording Artist + Motivational Speaker + Leader combined into one power packed presentation or performance you have come to the right place. I speak and sing about making a difference, living a life of purpose, and living the life you were called to live.

Here are three of my most popular keynotes and topics of expertise- I can’t wait to inspire + empower your audience.



The Refiner’s Fire: The Beauty that Waits on the Other Side of Trials. 

In this talk I share my story of restoration from hitting rock bottom in the circumstances of my life to  how God brought good out of it and brought me to where I am today. From ‘incurable’ diseases, failure and brokenness to triumph and strength. 

I’ll walk your audience through how I went from debilitated and miserable to walking in the call God has for me + what I learned about trials and surrender that you need to know + how to find single pointed focus and alleviate the stress, confusion and chaos of living a modern life. 

Get ready to change your perspective on the hard times and find the freedom and victory God has for you. 

Dreamer to Doer. 

In this talk, I will empower and motivate your audience to go from a dreamer to a doer.  This is a popular keynote for schools and young adults.  

70% of Americans are unhappy in their work and because of this, they are unhappy with their life. I chose at a young age to take a different path. I share my story of pursuing my unconventional dreams and inspire your audience to boldly chase their dreams + live on purpose + make a difference with the gifts they have been given. 

I do not believe we should die with music, gifts or talents still inside of us, but give all we have to give to the world. To leave a lasting legacy and have our lives make a difference. 

In this talk, I break down the tools I use to stay on purpose and share impactful stories of people just like you, going for and achieving their dreams. 

Media’s Influence on a Women’s Worth. 

In this talk I will help you separate the lies from the truth. I take you behind the scenes of working in Hollywood and the turning point that made me leave the pressure of it all.  I bring  truth to the smoke and mirrors, the fake appearances and the impossible standards. 

I will share with you behind the scenes stories, break down photoshop and the illusion of perfection. I will begin to help girls and women to realize their worth, while empowering them to make a change and realize the influence they have.

My dream is to see mainstream media being used as a vehicle for light, hope, and inspiration. Let me show you how together, we can make that happen.

“Tiffany Parker is a must have for any school, club or youth group. She speaks to the heart and soul of today’s pre-teen and definitely the teen. Her message is “if you can dream it, you can do it!!” Time to stop being a generation hating what they do, but be a generation that is inspired and loves what they do!! The students were captivated with her talk. Never have we had such a reaction from our students.”

-Elijah Breckel 

“Tiffany came and spoke to our students and was a huge hit! Our students were engaged throughout her presentation and came away learning a ton. Her knowledge of and experience in the music industry and Hollywood was super insightful, but the best part was how she inspired them to develop their passions and follow their dreams!” 

-Tom Oneill

Tiffany came into speak to 30 middle school aged students who are normally quite uninterested and disengaged. As soon as she started her speech, the kids perked up and gave them her undivided attention. Her positive energy is infectious! Tiffany is an exceptional public speaker that is not only inspiring but creates a positive influence to all. Her story and vision is more than motivating and she creates a positive environment for her audience.” 

-Kristen Aratani, !mpact Site Coordinator


I am happy to customize my talk or performance for the event and your needs. To check my availability and learn more about my topics and rates, please email:



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