My Miracle Baby Update

Miracle Baby Zion Several months ago I shared the miraculous news that I was pregnant with my first child at a time when my health was the worst it has ever been. At the time I posted that, he was not born yet, but had already beat the odds in so many ways. I thought it was time to share an update on our little miracle from the Lord.

My pregnancy was tumultuous and terrifying to say the least. If you missed some of the pregnancy journey you can catch up here. Going through the pregnancy, we didn’t know if my baby boy was going to make it. We didn’t know if I would even make it at times. It got dark. It got painful. And it was the most testing season of my life.

Well after months of living in and out of the hospital, trying and failing all medical treatments out there, going through fearful moment after fearful moment and months of emotional trauma and anxiety never knowing if we would get through to the other side with a child or just a broken heart; Justin and I welcomed our precious son Zion into the world.  

He made it!!!!!

Not only did he make it. He beat ALL the odds. He is thriving. Delivery went perfectly and although they looked and ran test after test, he was born perfectly healthy, even in spite of all my body had gone through while I was carrying him. They could not find a single thing wrong with him. Praise Jesus!


There is no other explanation other than God is good. He had His hand on mine and my baby’s life and has such a plan for this sweet little boy.

Since we have been new parents life has completely changed. It has not been an easy adjustment. I have been struggling with my health since he has been born and let’s face it, the sleep deprivation is REAL. But there have been moments of such incredibly deep love, hope and excitement for what the future holds for us and our little family.

This is such a year of change, growth and breakthrough. It is such a crazy experience to watch your little newborn begin to develop and grow. It melts my heart every time I hear him make a new noise, or make a new expression, or sleep longer (can I get an amen!) through the night.


Miracle Baby Zion

Watching him has helped me to understand God’s love for us so much more. There is nothing this child could do to make me not love him. I want nothing but the best for him. I see his innocence and his complete and total trust that me and his dad are going to take care of him.

This miracle has shown me a beautiful picture of how God feels about us and of how we should trust Him and his direction in our lives.  

Zion has added such a completeness to our lives and I am eternally grateful to the One who gave us this precious life. I’m thankful for him not just saving my son, but giving him to us fully healthy, happy and as a complete blessing to the people around him.

He has already touched and changed so many lives in his few short months of life.

It’s such an amazing blessing to be able to raise a soul. An eternal soul with potential, dreams and a purpose for his life. I can’t wait to see how God uses his miraculous life to inspire and help set people free.

There’s big plans for this miracle kid.

And there is a big plan for you and your children.

I am constantly amazed that I serve a God who always has a plan. Even in the bad, He has a plan and a purpose to use it for good. Even the darkest of times He uses for good. Amazing.

Miracle Baby Zion

In the midst of the shadow of death, He brought to me a brand new life. My precious one, Zion James.



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