A Love Letter From God To You

letter-tiffany-parkerWhat I am going to share in this post is something that I have learned and grown to understand through my walk with God. I have struggled like we all do with feeling valued and loved. I have struggled to understand how God could love me in my imperfections and flaws. I struggled with surrendering to His plan for my life and tried to run my own life for so long. In a spirit of surrender and worship I felt inspired to write a letter from God to you and to myself even. It reminds me of who I know God to be and what I know He feels towards me, even when I mess up or forget. Sometimes emotion gets in the way. But this is who I know God to be and I never want to forget. And I never want you to forget. 

Here is God’s love letter to you and to me: 

Dear precious one, I know you have been struggling and looking for answers in all areas of life, so I wrote this letter so you will know my heart and how I feel about you.  

I am here. I know you. I see you. And I cherish every hair on your head. I knit you together in your mothers womb, not by accident or chance, but with intention and purpose. You did not come from a bang in the sky, or an ape. No no, you were created with so much purpose, love and intention. I wanted you and I had a plan for you. You are here for a very powerful reason and are not just a waste of space or a purposeless evolved monkey. I placed life in your heart and breath in your lungs. I have plans for you. Good ones. Plans you could never create yourself, my plans are better than the greatest dream you have imagined. Trust me. There is no person in this universe, not your family, your best friend, your lover or yourself who could love you even a small fraction as much as I do. I came to die for you before you even recognized me. I came to love you before you ever loved me. I came to leave you the greatest letter of all time, the Word of God, The Bible. My word that holds answers for everything you come up against. I came to answer your prayers and walk with you. I came to lead you and guide you and give you wisdom. I came to give you abundant and eternal life. 

I know this path you have walked has been hard. You’ve experienced hardships, loss, disappointments, confusion, hangups and heartbreak. Just know that every time you cry, my heart weeps with you. Just know that there is always and forever redemption and restoration in my arms, in my presence. 

I know you have regrets, things you feel have tarnished you and made you less than whole.

But dear one, I already took all of that on the cross. You are forgiven and set free, all you have to do is ask and I will remember your mistakes no more. I will throw them away as far as the east is from the west and make you into a new creation. You can begin again every single morning. My mercy and grace is sufficient for you, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you are going through and no matter where you come from. 

I want you to cherish this letter and remember my words, because my love for you knows no bounds and no earthly expression of love could ever display the magnitude of my love for you. 

There is no amount of sin or grief or loss that could ever separate you from my love. 

I am there every second of every single day. Call on me my love. Seek me. Pursue me. Because in those moments, you are complete. 

You have searched far and wide to find your purpose, your call, your meaning on this earth, but you will not find it outside of me.

I am the one who holds these mysteries in the palm of my hand. They are waiting for you. Waiting to be revealed and set into motion through my spirit. 

There is no need to fret or to stress because I am in control of all. When you trust me, there you will find peace. And only there. 

This letter is my way of showing you that there is hope in every situation, because I am the God of hope. I am the God of redemption. I am the God who holds the earth and all the universe in the palm of my hand. Do you think I am not capable of guiding you and holding your life in the palm of my hand? 

Let go. Be still. And remember that I am God. That I love you with a love you could not fathom. That I sent my only son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you to everlasting life. And no matter what you have walked through, or are walking through, it is never too late. Never too late to be restored, to find healing, to find joy and to find your way to salvation and eternal life in my Kingdom. 

I am here waiting for you with open arms. I am waiting to wipe you clean, to fill your spirit and give you abundant life. 

I just pray you will run to me and give your life to the only hands that are capable. 

To the almighty God who knew you and your days before you were even conceived. I have waited for you in anticipation and excitement. Trust me, I have good plans for you and I am desperate to give them to you. 

Just come to me. 

With a love that is unfailing, unconditional, indescribable, and unconceivable, 

-Your Father, God. 

P.S. If you are feeling distant from your relationship with God or trying to find your way there for the first time, feel free to email me at info(at)tiffanyparker(dot)com so I can help walk you through the next steps and be a support for you.



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Tiffany, thank you for this wonderful letter. I have been going through some struggles for the last 3 years, and over the last year I have been going through spiritual ones as well. The last few weeks I have been letting the negative thoughts come in and hint to me that I have done things that are unforgivable, that I am not getting things in time it’s to late for me. I know these are lies and I am trying to keep them behind me and look at Jesus. So this letter was very timely for me.

Thank you.
with Love,


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Melanie, I am so glad this letter was timely and spoke to you. There is nothing that you can do that is unforgivable for the Lord. He loves you so much and it is never too late for you. I will be keeping you in my prayers. That He will continue to reveal himself to you and walk you through these struggles. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am very grateful. Much love to you!


I love this, Tiffany! So powerful!

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Thanks so much Jessica. That means a lot!

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