Inspirational Stories: Proof You Can Live Your Dreams, No Matter Your Age

Inspirational Stories Tiffany ParkerSometimes all we need is some inspirational stories to show us what’s possible.


I always say, if you can find one person that has done what you dream of doing, it can be done and that means it’s possible. So why not you or me?  Inspirational stories have a way of showing us what’s possible. 

How many times do we hold ourselves back or believe our time has passed because we are too old? Or how many times have we not pursued something thinking that we are too young to make it count anyway?

It’s amazing to me how much age can work its way into our minds and beliefs about whats possible for ourselves and keep us from moving forward. 

My whole life I watched artists and songwriters boom on to the scene in there teens. 16 seemed to be the lucky number for whether or not you would “make it” in the entertainment industry, especially in pop music. So as I came up on 17 and then 18 and then 21 and so on, there was an unspoken fear and anxiety on whether or not I was too old. At times, I was even able to convince myself that my big dreams were over, because I’m too old now. 

Thankfully, I have come to terms with what a HUGE lie that is. Personally, I think it’s a bit terrifying having a 16 year old in the lime light as a leader and role model. Because we need time to grow up, to mature, to know who we are. Without that, the gift of success or fame or dreams coming true can actually be detrimental to our lives. 

I praise the Lord now that He did not give me what I asked for when I was 16. I wanted to be a traveling artist and songwriter so bad I could barely stand it. But I know now that if I would have gotten what I thought I wanted, it would have been a bad thing for me. I wouldn’t have known who I am. I wouldn’t have grown the way I have. I may not have even gotten married, because what touring teenage musician has time for that? 

I strongly believe now, that God’s timing is always better than our own. Age knows no boundaries in the kingdom of God.


You can be a Grammy winning artist at 50 or you can start a multi-million dollar company or charity at 13. 

I talk about this a lot at my speaking engagements and wanted to share with you some real inspirational stories of people who chase their dreams no matter what their age.  

These inspirational stories and people are concrete proof that you are never too old or too young to pursue or even accomplish your dreams. @_TiffanyParker_


1. J.R.R. Tolkien. 

J.R.R Tolkien didn’t publish the the first volume of his fantasy series, “Lord of the Rings.” until he was 62 years old. All of you aspiring authors out there, age is not an excuse. Whether you are 15 or 85, you can still write that book and it has just as much chance of being a huge success. 

2. John Glenn. 

John Glenn is known as the oldest person to go into space. He did it at 77 years old. So all you aspiring astronauts out there? As long as you are breathing and well, you’re never too old. 

3. Michelangelo. 

Michelangelo created the architectural plans for the Church of Santa Maria Deli Angeli at the age of 88. Age can not hold creativity and determination down. 

4. Harry Bernstein. 

Harry published his first book at the age of 96! He began writing to cope with loneliness after losing his wife of 70 years and completed his first book when most would say he was way too far in years to do it. But he did and you can too. 

5. Vera Wang

Vera had several other career paths before she decided at the age of 40 that she wanted to be a designer. She designed her own wedding dress and opened her first bridal shop a year later. And we all know where that took her now. From the runway to the red carpet, the woman is unstoppable. 

6. Donald Fisher

You may not be familiar with his name, but I guarantee you are familiar with his company. Donald and his wife Doris founded The Gap at age 41 after many business ventures. So for all of you entrepreneurs out there who have tried many different things with little success, you are growing and learning and being prepared for the idea, company or project you were made to do. Don’t give up. Only then do you fail. You may have your own version of the Gap just around the corner. 

7. Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc bought the first McDonalds after he was 50 years old. He then turned it into a worldwide franchise. 

8. Julia Child

Julia’s first cookbook wasn’t published until she was 39 years old and her first TV appearance in The French Chef happened when she was 51. 

9. Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura is the well known author of the “Little House in the Big Woods” books and the TV Show “Little House on the Prairie”. However, Wilder didn’t publish her first book until she was 64. And from there, saw her stories come to TV. 

 How about inspirational stories of young people? I’ve got you covered too! 


10. Jaylen Bledsoe

Jaylen turned his technology company into a $3.5 million dollar global company at the age of 15. 

11. Asia Newson

Asia is Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur at just 10 years old. She runs a candle company with her dad called “Super Business Girl” and wants to go on to become mayor of the city + the president of the United States. She has no limits on what she believes is possible for herself and that is an inspiring story. 

12. Quvenzhane Wallis 

She made history in 2013 as the youngest ever Academy Award nominee for Best Actress in a leading role at the age of 9. 

13. “Alex” Scott 

Alex was diagnosed with childhood cancer  just before her first birthday and went on to start a lemonade stand to raise money for doctors to “help other kids, like they helped me.” Alex  raised over $1 million toward cancer research through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. And she started when she was just 4 years old. 

14. Ryan Hreljac

Ryan heard a story of how African children had to walk miles in the hot African sun to fetch water and decided to do something about it. He saw the need to build a well for a village in Africa. By doing household chores and public speaking on clean water issues, Ryan’s first well was built in a northern Ugandan village at the age of 6. 

15. Anne Frank 

Most of us are familiar with Anne’s inspirational story. She was a young girl living through the Holocaust during World War II. She was given a diary and documented her life. She inspired people for generations to come and brought good out of a bad situation and she was only 13 years old. 


We are meant to dream. We are goal oriented people. A dream, and a goal gives us something exciting to work towards. For some of us it may be getting healthy, losing weight or building a happy family. Others might dream of building companies or traveling the world. 

There is no dream too big and no dream too small. They all matter. @_TiffanyParker_


You are never supposed to forget about your dreams. They can happen at any time. The key is to not give up. 

I believe in you.



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