How My Incurable Diagnosis Became My Greatest Teacher

greatest teacherHave you ever felt like you were walking through knee deep mud through a dark never ending tunnel?

I did in 2012.

For several months I suffered with symptoms I didn’t understand and had never seen before. Symptoms that terrified me and left me ashamed and embarrassed. I had finally had enough and decided to have some diagnostic tests taken to see what was wrong with me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was turning the corner as the receptionist waved me into the doctor’s office. “Go ahead and take a seat right here, Miss Parker, the doctor will be right in to see you”. I somehow muttered out a small, “Thanks” as I sat on the crunchy plastic paper draping the exam table. As I looked around at the pictures on the wall of cancer, colitis, and chronic diseases, I thought to myself, “Are these images and fun facts supposed to be encouraging and educational?” All they did for me was raise my blood pressure and make me feel like I was going to fall off of the exam table at any moment.

As I was trying not to faint thinking about the possibilities of what I could have, the doctor entered the room and diagnosed me with an incurable and progressive case of Ulcerative Colitis.

I was told that my body was attacking itself for no apparent reason and they don’t know why. I would be on medication the rest of my life, in and out of the hospital and would have to be closely monitored.

My inner self was a mess. My body was attacking itself, shutting down, and hindering me and let’s face it, I wasn’t exactly in high spirits.

I began to be familiar with a feeling of deep depression that I had never felt before.

Disease at the tender age of 21 when your friends are out starting their lives, traveling and living, is not something I would wish on anybody.

But what I learned and how much I grew from it, I wish on everybody.

A fire was sparked in me. I was on a mission to heal, to learn and to find a way to make this obstacle a catalyst for change in my life.

I became a truth seeker.

Laying in a hospital bed in Newport Beach, CA, I came to the realization of what really matters. Suddenly, everything that kept me up at night previously didn’t matter at all anymore.

There were only a few things that mattered at that point. Family, faith, simple moments with loved ones, making a difference and helping others were among the themes.

I wanted these things so badly that I began an insanely aggressive healing journey to get my life back. I became a full time researcher, because let’s face it, my life depended on it.

I worked with and fired more than 20 doctors in a span of under 2 years. If they were not on board with my healing journey and the convictions I had, I would thank them for their time and move on.

I was desperately looking for the reason behind what had happened and how to overcome this.

After countless months of researching, trying different approaches and seeing several doctors in all areas of medicine, I became empowered to make my own choices and hope that this disease could be overcome.

I cleaned out my kitchen of all processed foods, sugars, and controversial ingredients. I changed my lifestyle. I thought for myself and only did what felt right no matter the fear instilled in me by the doctors.

A motto for my life was born, and it was true for my food as well: Simple is key. (TWEET THAT)

I transformed my eating habits into organic produce, beans, wild caught fish, and highly nutritious foods.

I began yoga and regular walks out in nature, spent more time with loved ones, took more baths, smelled more essential oils and found greater faith than I ever had.

You never know how much time you have and it gave me the bravery to step out and do something bold with my life.

I made a commitment to live my life in a way where I hold nothing back. I give everything I have and never allow other peoples limits, diagnosis, or beliefs to hold me back from what I was put here to do.

I changed my life and found answers.

I went from 40 pills a day, debilitating pain and never leaving my apartment to living my life and pursuing my dreams. I completed my debut album and wrote my first book. I grabbed the reins of my life and made a decision to not be stopped by illness. I have been given a new chance at life.

My obstacle became my greatest teacher, and if you allow it, I believe yours will too.




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