Faith: The Most Important Decision I Ever Made.

Faith- Tiffany Parker TestimonyThis is my testimony. The story of how I made the most important decision of my life: putting my faith in Jesus. 

Keeping faith in a faithless world. 

We live in a culture now where God is being pushed out of the schools, out of the government and out of our decisions, so I believe now more than ever it is important to share my faith, share the truth and be out loud about what I stand for. We live in an immoral culture and one where so many people are lost and broken and I have found the answer. I have found purpose and the freedom that comes from saying yes to Jesus and placing my faith in Him. 

Here’s my story: 

I have been a believer most of my life and as the years go on I only grow deeper in love with The Lord. My mom is an on fire believer with a passion for Jesus and the Word of God and she began teaching me at a young age about Jesus and what the Bible says. I remember praying with her every single night and reading Bible stories with her as a kid. I watched her for years seek The Lord and saw the power that her faith had in her life. Our life was far from perfect and I saw her lean into Jesus and the strength that she had through the tough times, God was her rock. And he became my rock. 

I went to Christian school for the beginning years of my life before transferring all over the place in high school. While I was there I was a worship leader for several years and attended church with friends since my family never went to church when I was growing up. Even while at a private school many of my friends or peers were going off the deep end or walking away from their faith or even didn’t believe at all, but were just there for the education. 

While I was a kid I had 2 escapes: Music and Jesus. I never doubted that God existed, I never even doubted that Jesus died for my sins and loved me, but it did take many years of growing in relationship with Him. My life was far from perfect and I found such peace in knowing that God had a plan for my life, that if I followed Him and loved Him, He would make all things work together for my good. I fell in love with being in the presence of The Lord. The clarity and peace that came from just sitting in His presence, reading The Bible and praying was incredible. I leaned on Him through the trials of my childhood and high school years. He loved me and directed me in a way that I couldn’t believe. He gave me a strength I could only dream of having. The same strength that I saw in my Mom growing up.  

I remember the first time I heard clearly from God. I had been performing all around Washington, taking dance classes, voice lessons, dancing on a professional team and going full throttle in pursuing my dream of music. One night I was praying in my bedroom when I was 14. I was asking for direction and for God to show me where to go. I was incredibly frustrated and had no idea how to bring my dreams into reality. I felt Him tell me He was going to use my dream to fulfill His dream. It was that moment that I knew there was something deeper to this music dream and something deeper in my walk with God. 

Over the years the more I seek Him, the more I know Him and the more He changes me and molds me into who I am supposed to be

Throughout high school and in my adult years God has spoken to me and moved me in many ways, many times through dreams and visions. It’s been incredible the amount of times I have been really struggling with something or needing an answer on something and then I will wake up from a dream with the answer or a clear knowing on what to do. It continues to blow my mind how real and tangible God is! And how He is in the business of answering prayers. 

When I attended church in high school or attended the private school, I remember being incredibly discouraged. There were so many fake Christians, so many people claiming the title but not walking the walk. It showed me at a young age how important it was to be authentic and real. To truly serve God. To truly surrender to His plan for my life and hold tight to His promises. It grieved me when I would see people just walk away from God or once they got to college to begin the party life and lose sight of what was important. I made a commitment to never be like that. The love and presence of Jesus I had experienced was not something I could forget or walk away from. 

Your faith is shallow if it’s not tested. 

In 2012 when I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease and went through the hardest times of my life it became even clearer to me who God is. When I say these times were dark, that is an understatement. There were times I truly did not even want to live anymore. My life had become survival and suffering and my dreams seemed to be shattered in front me. How was I supposed to pursue my dreams when my full time job is staying well? I had no idea. 

But my faith was truly tested. My marriage was tested. My strength was tested. And I came out stronger than before. Stronger than I could ever imagine

I believe now that when faith is not tested, it is not sure. It is shallow. Because when you are between life and death, or amidst a tragedy, THAT is when your true colors show, that is when you hold to your faith or throw it out the window. 

When I got sick and was struggling in all areas from physical to emotional to financial, I clung to The Lord. 

When I had horrible nights of sickness and panic I would worship and sing though my tears and through screaming out in pain. I even remember in the hospital having a reaction to pain killers, losing way to much blood, vomiting and the whole works and just singing through my tears in front of the nurses and anyone else who went by. I sang every worship song I knew and prayed to The Lord and He showed up. The people in the hospital room with me began to sing and pray and it was one of the most miserable and amazing moments all at the same time. It brought me to a place of peace. He always gave me hope and NEVER left me to suffer. I began to trust that every bad night, every horrible tragedy or circumstance I walk through, I am never alone. There is always a plan for Him to use it for my good and He always has. 

I can honestly say with all of my heart that God is as real to me as my husband or my friends.

There is a peace in His arms that no person on this planet can bring, no lover can bring, no parent can bring.

We all have a hole and an empty space in our hearts and lives that only God can fill. @_TiffanyParker_


After getting sick, I began to grow deeper with the Lord than I could ever imagine. My heart hurts for people who do not know and accept His love and the gift that He came to give us. He came to give us life in abundance until it overflows.

There is no one on this planet that can convince me that He doesn’t exist. I’ve felt Him, I’ve seen Him work in my life and I have devoted my life to sharing my faith, loving God and loving people. 

My deepest desire is that every person on the planet can come to know the God I serve, to know God the way I do. Because then, there is nothing too overwhelming to handle, there is eternal hope and a reason and a purpose for living that nothing else can give. Every moment of my life has a purpose and a reason and a hope. And it is all because of Jesus. 

I am working on a book that will go into detail on my whole story, the deepest parts of what I’ve gone through and the way God has spoken to me over the years, but I wanted to be sure to at least get the cliff notes version out there. 

If you have any questions at all about my story, about Jesus, or just need prayer for something, email me at I am passionate about helping you walk through life, giving advice when I can or simply just being there to listen. 

You are loved by God. You have a powerful purpose. And He has a plan for your life. All you have to do is say yes to Him and get ready for the greatest journey of your entire life.  



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Shirley Joy-Smith

As I have said before , Tiffany, you inspire with your testimony. I may not always respond to your posts but I feel the need to let you know that what you share is important. When you Finnish the book I want to buy some copies to share. Singing and praising the Lord through your suffering shows the hope you have to seek Him more. May your blessings of comfort and strength multiply!

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That means so much to me Shirley, thank you so much for responding to this post and letting me know. It is such a blessing to me to know that what I share is important and matters to people, so thank you for your kind words. Much love to you!

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