Bethel Music Cover: “Out of Hiding” Live Performance

Bethel Music Cover- Tiffany ParkerThere are small moments in all of our lives that make up the story of our lives. And oddly enough, singing a Bethel Music cover at my church for Easter earlier was one of those milestone moments for me. 

These powerful moments sometimes feel insignificant or petty, but they truly can have the power to change the direction of your life. They can make you realize something you didn’t know before and can even show you who you really are. 

Just a few weeks before flying to Texas to perform at SXSW in March I was asked to sing a Bethel Music song at my church for the Good Friday service. The song was called “Out of Hiding” and I had never heard it before. But in so many ways singing this song brought me out of hiding. I remember being up on stage at rehearsals and the actual performance on that Good Friday night, and God just spoke to me so clearly that this is where I belong. I belong in a place of worship, I belong serving people and God with my gifts and everything I once thought I wanted got turned upside down in a beautiful way. Leading worship, singing music to Jesus and bringing people the truth is a call that I never knew. I always leaned towards the huge pop stage. The world tour. The crazy schedule. Worked in the mainstream industry in Hollywood. That’s what doing music meant to me, because that was the model I saw and what I experienced in my years of working in music.

But in that place under the single spotlight singing a Bethel Music worship song about coming out of hiding, my Spirit came out of hiding. Every time I have been up doing worship on a Sunday morning or during that Good Friday service I have truly teared up with tears of joy. To be used in a way that moves people towards what really matters is the most beautiful call and place I could ever be.  It brings me back to my worship leading days years ago where my dreams all began. The memories of leading worship are some of the greatest moments and memories I have. There was purpose. There was freedom. There was peace. And God has brought my heart full circle. 

It was a place of pure surrender and peace for me. There was no stress. There was no strenuous effort. And as soon as I got off stage, I wanted to go back up and do it all day every day! I have no idea how God is going to use this in my life or use this passion, but for now I wanted to share with you the live performance that became a milestone and a life-changing moment in my life.  The moment God shook up my direction and showed me a glimpse into where He is leading me. 

Here is me singing Bethel Music’s “Out of Hiding”: 



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