An Open Letter to Pop Stars (Spoken Word Video)

Tiffany Parker "An Open Letter to Pop Stars"Many of you who have followed me over the years, know the reason I began in the music industry. I saw an industry that was and still is, leading the world down a path to destruction. Girls and young women are being taught there worth, what they ‘should’  look like, how they need to act and looking up to people that don’t care how their actions affect the world. 

Young girls and people in general are looking to artists, actresses and famous public figures to model their lives after, whether they even realize it. They learn what’s acceptable, how to use their sexuality to feel valued, and are being fed lies every single day. Lies that they will be happy if they party, sleep around, dress sexy and compromise who they are. 

The truth: the ones who are parading this lifestyle around like it is the best thing that has ever happened, are miserable.. 

I have worked behind the scenes in Hollywood for many years and have seen this first hand. Girls and women who are broken. Women who have value, have something to say and are dearly loved by their Heavenly Father. But they end up selling their bodies and trading their souls to get or achieve what the world has dressed up as the “good life”. When they get there, they realize it is empty. 

The industry dresses up and photoshops everything. I even remember one time getting a photoshoot back from a famous LA photographer, and he had given me a nose job in the picture. EXCUSE ME?

Because the message of my music wasn’t good enough, who I was wasn’t good enough, my face wasn’t plastic enough and it was nothing a little software couldn’t fix. 

But I soon learned through my relationship with The Lord and having my eyes unveiled from the rubbish lies I had been taught, that I AM good enough. God made me perfectly the way He wanted me. No matter what Hollywood or LA photographers think. 

Ladies, we are comparing ourselves to people and lives that aren’t real!!! They are lies. 

Compromising yourself and not valuing who you are and what you have to offer will NEVER end up well on the other end. 

This is my open letter to pop stars. A plea for them to think about their actions. To realize they are leaders and influencers and to take that responsibility seriously. 

One day, I pray that we will have human beings in the limelight, leading the world’s young people into the light rather than into destruction. 

This is my dream. 


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Here are the words to my Open Letter to Pop Stars spoken word piece: 

Dear Pop Star, 


You’ve made it. 

Your name is known 

You sell out shows 

You left home 

To become somebody 

Somebody great

But something stole you along the way 

You watched the proven road to success 

What it looked like and what you had to forget 

You’ve learned to play your part 

By suppressing the truth of your heart 

Take a minute to be honest with yourself 

Examine the real reason for the treason against yourself 

What is fame and wealth worth to you? 

Is it worth the sacrifice of what you know to be true? 


Dear Talented, Beautiful One 

There’s something you must know. 

You’re worth more than precious gold and 

don’t have to trade your body and sell your soul 

I’ve stood where you stand and been offered the chance 

To play the game or take a different stance. 

Your handed promises of fame and your dreams coming true 

Only catch is, you lose you. 

There will come a time when you have to choose

You become a product of an industry who’s motivation is the bottom line

Sex sells, you’re our puppet

here’s the paper, just sign 


Dear Cultural Influencer 

What if you could look into the eyes of the young ones 

that you have led down a path of brokenness. 

See the ones that follow your leading and wind up abused

or the 11 year olds that end up in prostitution because they’ve been taught that there body is there most valuable asset. 

How about the ones that went out to let loose and fill their cup up on a friday night

After seein your glamorous depiction of what that life is like

…..And winds up in rehab 

What about the drug addicts, the alcoholics, the ones getting sick with STD’s.

But you didn’t think about that did you while getting handed your award… at the grammy’s.  

Young girls learn their worth, by watching what you’ve taught

You’re a role model and a leader

whether you like it or not. 

The world and impressionable little ones are looking to you.

It’s time to take responsibility,

Think beyond yourself and be careful what you do. 

On the other side of the screen is a human, a child, a soul. 

With potential to do incredible things with their lives

But distracted with all the lies they’ve been told. 


Dear Legacy Leaver 

It’s not too late. 

You can use your life for good and make a change to be great 

At the end of your life will you choose to stay numb

and look in the mirror to see the stranger you’ve become?

I pray that you will realize that you were given your gifts for a reason. 

That God has a plan for you in the Kingdom 

You have an opportunity to leave a legacy behind 

A life not wasted, now is the time. 



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paula parker

Great Tiff!! I think I raised you right! I pray through words and prayer we can make an impact. This current day is so confusing for youth and adults. But in the end Jesus gave the parable about the shepherd and his sheep. He had one go astray and he left the 99 others to bring the lost one back. If you reach one person all the angels in heaven rejoice.

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